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DevOps is a job title

by David Lutz

Because I am interested and amused by such things (and because I am a stirrer) I decided to do some analysis of job titles of those attending the devops un-conference next week in Silicon Valley.

DevOpsDays Mountain View, in Santa Clara.

It’s an amazing event.  I attended it for the last two years and if you are able to, I highly recommend you go too.  Without doubt the brightest and most forward thinking innovators in Web Scaling will be there.

Alas, I can’t make it this time 😦

There’s been a fair bit of snarkiness around the Internet about using devops in job titles.  And while I can see both sides of the debate, I really object to people saying “you can’t do X”.  If people want to call themselves DevOps Engineers, or devopsticians, or any other made up words, I don’t think it is really hurting anyone.

So, who attends devopsdays?  I took the publicly available attendance list and manually normalised it a bit, removing things like “Senior”, made the spellings more consistent (Systems vs System), Expanded some acronyms etc… fed it into sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -n 20  and came up with this table.

Top 20 job titles of devopsdays attendees.

rank job title attendees with this title
1 Software Engineer 27
2 DevOps Engineer 19
3 Systems Engineer 18
4 Operations Engineer 13
5 Consultant 13
6 Release Engineer 10
7 Engineer 9
8 CTO 9
9 CEO 8
10 Architect 8
11 Site Reliability Engineer 7
12 Manager 7
13 Systems Administrator 6
14 Software Architect 5
15 Product Manager 5
16 Manager Engineering 5
17 Infrastructure Engineer 5
18 Co-founder 5
19 Systems Architect 4
20 Sales Engineer 4

I leave all conclusions to you dear reader.  Or if you wish to flame me, please do so below. 😉


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