Apply Solarized color scheme to Graphite graphs

I spend at least part of every work day looking at graphs.  It’s standard operating procedure for those on the Ops side of things.

I really like using Graphite for exploring my data. It’s such a useful tool.

Recently I’ve been thinking about color schemes. It started off when I heard about the Solarized project from Ethan Schoonover on The Changelog podcast.  Ethan knows more about the effective use of color than anyone I’ve come across. It really expanded my mind to hear about Solarized and it’s choice of colors to “to ensure perceptual uniformity in terms of lightness”.

The default graph colors from Graphite are, well, quite highly contrasting to my uneducated eye. Here’s an example graph using the Solarized color scheme. How do they look to you? Easier on the eye or not?


You can specify the colors to use for a graph by using this in the URL to render the graph. &colorList=6c71c4,859900,d33682,b58900,cb4b16,268bd2,2aa198,dc322f


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