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Vagrant really kicks arse for creating multiple virtual machine environments.


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Performance problem with VirtualBox

I spent a good few hours trying to squeeze some extra performance out of our Vagrant / VirtualBox Development environments.

I was benchmarking different OSs, and virtual hardware configurations.

My guest OS is ubuntu 11. I was experimenting with adding virtual CPUs and suddenly noticed a massive network performance degradation. It seems changing the network adapter to Paravirtualized Network (virtio-net) wasn’t a good idea. Even the Intel PRO/1000 nics were problematic.

Best performance (with multiple CPUs) was PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973).

Hope this helps someone.


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Pimp my Prompt

I have the most minor of customizations compared to some of my fellow geeks.

export PS1=”\u@`hostname -f`:\w\$”

I like to see the fqdn of my server. At a previous job I might have been logged in to a dozen servers called app01

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