In November I presented at DevOps Melbourne. I wanted to show off some of the features of Ganglia. I’m a big fan of Ganglia for metrics. It’s easy to use. It looks good. It’s genuinely useful.

The talk turned in to a bit of a rant about how important metrics are for sysadmins, developers, IT in general and anyone running a business. I guess it’s a topic I’m passionate about.

My slides from the talk

One piece of feedback I received on the night was along the lines of… “Ganglia looks good but I don’t have time to set it up to try it”

This got me thinking.

Ganglia isn’t that hard to configure, but it doesn’t quite work “out of the box”. A few config files need to be edited.

Maybe it would be useful to make a “quickstart” version of the software that can be up and running in minutes. For new users of Ganglia.

Perhaps I could do this…


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