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Ganglia download for CentOS 6, RHEL 6, EC2 quick start

RPMs for Ganglia. Download for 64 bit CentOS, RedHat and Amazon EC2 instances.

I have slightly tweaked the config files for these packages. They should install easily. They are intended as “quick start” working Ganglia packages.

I’ve used unicast so they’ll work in the cloud.

You can install Ganglia on one node. The monitor node. This has gmond, gmetad and the php web UI.

You can add more monitored nodes. These only need gmond.

For more advanced configuration I recommend reading the documentation. 🙂

Monitor node:
yum -y install rrdtool mod_php php-gd make
chkconfig httpd on
/etc/init.d/httpd start

rpm -ivh \ \ \ \ \

Monitored node:

rpm -ivh \ \ \

Edit /etc/ganglia/gmond.conf to point gmond to your head/monitor node.
host = “whatever”

Any feedback is appreciated.

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In November I presented at DevOps Melbourne. I wanted to show off some of the features of Ganglia. I’m a big fan of Ganglia for metrics. It’s easy to use. It looks good. It’s genuinely useful.

The talk turned in to a bit of a rant about how important metrics are for sysadmins, developers, IT in general and anyone running a business. I guess it’s a topic I’m passionate about.

My slides from the talk

One piece of feedback I received on the night was along the lines of… “Ganglia looks good but I don’t have time to set it up to try it”

This got me thinking.

Ganglia isn’t that hard to configure, but it doesn’t quite work “out of the box”. A few config files need to be edited.

Maybe it would be useful to make a “quickstart” version of the software that can be up and running in minutes. For new users of Ganglia.

Perhaps I could do this…

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