Driven Development

by David Lutz

AASDD As a service Driven Development. Everything is as a service these days. IaaS PaaS SaaS etc… As a service Driven Development is Software Development as a Service as a Service Driven Development.

ASD Agile Software Development. Hire good people and trust that they know what they’re doing. Embrace change. Don’t get too obsessed with documentation. Experiment with better ways of doing stuff. Stand around whiteboards a lot. Invest heavily in nerf based weaponry. (Ok, I paraphrase. See disclaimer below. Hold off the hounds please.)

ADD Accounting Driven Development. Development guided or forced in a certain way by internal company cash flow constraints. See also Tax Driven Development.

ADD Alcohol Driven Development. Coding under the influence. Also see Alcohol Driven Deployment.

ADD Alcohol Driven Deployment. Ops guy says, “It’s OK to deploy this code drunk. The developers were obviously drunk when they wrote it.”

BDD Behavior Driven Development. BDD was coined in 2003 by Dan North in response to the shortcomings of TDD. Its use features clarity through natural language tests and involving stakeholders. Duh!

BDD Beer Driven Development. See Alcohol Driven Development.

BDD Bug Driven Development. Development of programs by fixing bugs. If a program has a lot of bugs, the development can be “switched” to bug-driven development. (via urban-dictionary)

CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering. Do you remember the nineties? Nirvana, OS/2, Pulp Fiction. CASE was so hot back then.

CDD Cloud Driven Development. You must use the cloud to be cool.

CDD Coolness Driven Development. Writing cool code to be cool is so cool. Cool code in the cloud is even cooler.

CDD Caffeine Driven Development. Is there another kind?!?

CDD Community Driven Development. 10 tips of user driven development. Give people what they want.

DDD Driver Driven Development. Coding in the car. Highly illegal. Not to mention dangerous.

DDD Documentation Driven Development. Also see, Readme Driven Development.

EDD Ego Driven Development. a.k.a Asshole Driven Development. When the biggest shit on the team gets their way.

FDD Feature Driven Development. Developed by Jeff De Luca in 1997 and written about in 1999. Go read about Agile, then go read about Waterfall. Feature Driven Development is somewhere in between.

FDD Failure Driven Development. Basically. You suck.

  • Develop
  • Fail
  • Repeat

FDD Facebook Driven Development. See Google Driven Development.

FDD Faith Driven Development. “I believe this code works.”

GDD Google Driven Development. Coding in the hope that your startup will be bought by Google.

H&CDD Horse and Cart Driven Development. Development done in nearly dead languages. E.g. COBOL, Fortran, Basic, Pascal

HDD Hate Driven Development. It’s when you come to hate working on something so much that it inspires a surge of productivity that leads to completion Hate Driven Development Coined by rafeco in 2009. Also rediscovered by others

HDD Hammock Driven Development. Rich Hickey who created Clojure talks about Software development, problem solving, really thinking about what you’re doing, using the background processing capabilities of your brain Hammock Driven Development

IDD Insult Driven Development. Code littered with expletives.

JDD Jenga Driven Development. JDD Developing against a codebase that is so complex and fragile that any change is dangerous.

MDD Metrics Driven Development. The Etsy team know how to do good stuff. Learn from them you can. Respect. Metrics Driven Engineering at Etsy Slides by Mike Brittain

MDD Manifesto Driven Development. Blindly following the [insert favorite] software development methodology to the letter.

PDD Procrastination Driven Development. Coming soon…

PDD Palace Driven Development. A great fable about CSC. Catastrophic Scope Creep.

PMDD Project Manager Driven Development. See Failure Driven Development. 🙂

RD Recursive Development. See Recursive Development.

RDD Readme Driven Development. Lightweight implementation of Documentation Driven Development.

RBD Resume Building Development. Picking shiny new technologies just to build experience rather than for any discernible business reason.

SDD Sleep Driven Development. Also known as Sheep Driven Development and Subconscious Driven Development. In essence, in the last 5 minutes before you go to sleep, think about a problem you’re working on. Let your brain chew on it overnight and with a bit of luck the inspiration will come to you the next morning. Or sometimes at 4am. Write it down.

SSDDD SSD Driven Development. Stop wasting your life. Buy a Fucking SSD. Wise words from Artur Bergman

TDD Troll Driven Development. This is in reference to code written so poorly, that I have to imagine it was written as a joke or with the intention of provoking others. (Dan Martin)

TDD Tax Driven Development. Making technical decisions for taxation based reasons, not technical ones. Offshoring, Outsourcing, Third-World Driven Development is closely related. See also Accounting Driven Development.

TDD Test Driven Development. TDD was written about by Kent Beck in 2002

  • Write a (failing) test.
  • Write some code that makes the test pass.
  • Refactor and improve the code.
  • Repeat.

UDD User Driven Development. See Community Driven Development.

WM Waterfall Model. Go read about Agile. Now… don’t do that.

No offense to anyone is intended. (Except perhaps to Project Managers, and even that isn’t real. Love your work PMs…)

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4 responses to “Driven Development

  1. Jeff

    Demo Driven Development — Ah shit, demo on Friday…

  2. MDD – Moribund Driven Development. Also known as a death march project.

    BDD – Beating Driven Development. The beatings will continue until morale improves. Hopeful “beatings” is a euphemism for badgering, berating, and bluster.

    DDD – Distraction Driven Development. The joys of the open-office floor plan. Foundation for the New York Times #1 Bestsellers, the sequel “Not Getting Things Done” and the sequel “TO DO… NOT DOING… NOT DONE!”.

    TFDD – Tarr and Fether Driven Development. Described by Edgar Allan Poe in 1845. Widely popular in most enterprises for line-of-business software development.

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