DevOps Downunder Melbourne 2011 day 2

The second day of DevOps Downunder drove home for me at least the message that DevOps is just as applicable in small 4 person startup environments with a couple of servers as it is in large companies with complex heterogeneous environments.

Robert Postill spoke about his company’s challenges developing an appliance that talks to in-house data warehouse apps.

With this kind of setup Continuous Deployment and Monitoring for example are more difficult. They are happy New Relic customers. (As were many speakers today!)

Leni Mayo presented a talk on a 6 month old baby startup

When there are no Ops on staff, Devs do the Ops. Like: going on-call, provisioning servers, monitoring, deployments (old school Ops I’m talking about).

Configuration Management is close to the heart of progressive Ops types. Puppet is a popular tool for CM these days. Garrett Honeycutt from Puppet Labs presented some background on Puppet and some tips for using Config Management effectively.

Next Wade Millican from Ninefold talked about Cloud Bursting to prevent outages. But he also went over a lot of great advice from the sysadmin perspective about building resilient, scalable, maintainable, secure infrastructure.

Props to Ninefold for the best Schwag for the conference 🙂 Beanies and skivvies were appropriate for cold cold Melbourne. (Sorry Mr Google. Your thong schwag was lame as.)

Open Spaces after lunch included a really detailed look at DevOps at from Colin Panisset Sounds like they’re “doing it right” on a complex site with lots of legacy components. In this kind of environment DevOps includes rotating sysadmins in and out of development teams AND rotating developers through Ops teams. This kind of idea cross pollination has enabled much closer collaboration.

Also Patrick Debois and (assistant whose name escapes me, sorry) demo’d Vagrant, VeeWee and McCloud.

If you’re not using Vagrant go get it. Now. Go on. It’s cool. Vagrant drives Oracle VirtualBox and enables the creation of consistent virtual development environments.

The final and most heated discussion of the day was entitled “Why is recruiting good people so hard. Conversely why is finding a good job so hard.”

I have lots to say on this topic. And in this case choose not to.

Conference was closed by the esteemed organizing gentlemen Chris Bushell and Lindsay Holmwood.

Awesome work guys.


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